Buying and selling rural land is vastly different from any other type of real estate transaction.

  • Land is often more diverse
  • The factors that increase or decrease land value are more complex
  • Marketing land requires completely different methods

It's crucial to work with a land specialist, not just a traditional realtor.

That's why landowners and investors trust Morris Land Brokers to oversee the buying and selling of their land in East Texas.

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Why Hire Us?

The Expertise Of Land Specialists

"What is the land's function," is one of the first questions we ask when evaluating land. You'll need to consider a completely different set of factors depending on whether your land is cultivated for raising cattle, selling timber, or ranching.


Want to know what your property is worth, how to make it profitable, or where to invest in valuable rural land? Our background in the timber industry affords us an understanding of how the presence of timber affects the value of a tract of land.


Our extensive listings of farms, ranches, and timberland are the result of decades worth of professional relationships we've developed with landowners and investors. Whether you're buying or selling, a strong network will simplify and speed up the process of completing a profitable transaction.

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Helping you buy or sell valuable land in Texas

Morris Land Brokers, LLC was established as a subsidiary of Morris Timber Holdings, Inc.  Morris Timber Holdings, Inc has roots that run deep in East Texas.  The company emerged in 2004 from a second generation, family owned timber company that was originally started in 1982.

Since then, Morris Timber Holdings has become quite successful, expanding its clientele and growing its team. With the addition of Wes Kilpatrick, a real estate broker and forester, Morris Timber and Wes Kilpatrick jointly decided to extend their reach to include land brokerage, which is what gave birth to our vision that has become a reality: namely, Morris Land Brokers, LLC.

As a team of experienced foresters, we offer our clients a powerful advantage over other land brokers. Whether you are considering selling your land or want to discover the most profitable ways to invest in it, our experts are happy to share their wealth of knowledge about the value of your land and its agricultural potential. Similarly, if you are considering investing in hunting land, farmland, or timberland, Morris Land Brokers offers a vast listing of diverse rural property throughout Texas, from the panhandle to West Texas to the Texas Hill Country.

If you are looking for a professional brokerage firm to help buy or sell valuable land in Texas, you’ve found it. Give Morris Land Brokers a call to schedule a free land evaluation, or browse our listings to find a property that suits your needs.

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